Spanish in Spain Bilingual Activity Camp

Spanish in Spain - Bilingual Activity Camp

Bilingual Activity Camp is a program which falls under the umbrella of our Spanish in Spain program which was conceived to cater for the ever-growing number of schools that teach and have an interest in the Spanish language and Spain. The program is suited to  Secondary School students from the ages of 12 to 17 who are studying Spanish, and who want to have fun while enjoying a  new experience.

Our Spanish in SpainBilingual Activity Camp is outlined as follows:

  1. Full-board room-share residential accommodation.
  2. Fun Language Exchange activities and participation with a local Spanish school.
  3. Organised on-campus activities such as zip-line, climbing wall, rope bridge, basketball, football, other sports, canoeing, cycling and much more.
  4. Sightseeing visits and planned activities in the city of Valencia.
  5. Five, Six and Seven-day camp options are available. 
Bilingual Activity Camp – Provisional Seven-day schedule example
1Arrival*1Adventure ActivitiesNight Games
2Excursion ValenciaMalvarrosa beach ValenciaContest
3Adventure ActivitiesScience Museum**Language Exchange**
4Visit OceanographicVisit Gulliver ParcNight Games
5Adventure ActivitiesGroup Sports and Games**Language Exchange**
6Softball in ValenciaCiutat Vella by bikeFarewell party
7Farewell activitiesDeparture*1 
Bilingual Activity Camp brochure

Spanish in Spain for Schools

Spanish in Spain is an extremely exciting addition to our growing list of Language Experience programs. Open to students attending Secondary School.
Spanish in Spain

Activity School Tours

If the Spanish language is not your thing, but Spain is, that's OK. Our residential, activity and excursion program is a fit for all, with no knowledge of Spanish needed.
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School Stays

We make it possible to enjoy a total Spanish in Spain experiance with our School & Host Family total immersion stay. Attend a Spanish school & live with a Spanish Family.
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