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“Hosting with Leir was a great experience for both us and our children, the interaction was great for us all. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience”
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"We hosted students from other organisations in the past, but by far, Leir were so much better, very professional, really personal, approachable and they kept in touch, which was nice"
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We are grateful to you for helping your guest to improve his/her knowledge of English by talking and encouraging him/her, and most of all, by making your guest feel part of your family.
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Become a 'Host Family' with Leir Education

Host Families play a vital part in the success of our guest’s stay. Our host partners are ordinary families with and sometimes without children who are willing to engage in what can be an invaluable experience. We always look for suitable families to work with us and host our students.

If you can offer a safe, comfortable, friendly environment for one of our foreign students, then we have students ready to share their Irish experiences with you. Becoming a Leir Host Family couldn’t be simpler, and you’ve already taken the first step.

So to become one of our hosting partners please register and after receiving your login details just Login and complete the online application process, it only takes about 10 minutes.

Within your ‘Host Family Zone,’ you’ll find a wealth of further helpful information, guides and tips to help your ‘Hosting’ experience something to cherish long after your student has returned home. 

At Leir Education, we offer a range of ‘Learn English In Ireland’ programs all of which are based upon the same concept of our students experiencing first-hand Irish hospitality, culture and friendliness all of which combined with improving their English skills either through a classroom or activities course your input can be invaluable.  

A short summary of our programs:

  • Summer programs:
    • With morning classes & activities: normally the first 1st 3 weeks of July
    • Immersion program attending summer camps with no classes for 2, 3 or 4 weeks during July / Aug
  • School Mini-Tours:
    • Normally 1 week long running from September to June, students may attend classes in our academy or participate in trips etc.
  • Academic Programs:
    • Full Year: Attend a primary or secondary school for a year as per the school calendar
    • 1st Term: September to December
    • 2nd Term: January – April
    • 3rd Term: April – June
  • Work placement / Erasmus+ programs
    • Vocational, College or University students participating in work experience programs according to their studies. The normal age range is from 16 to Adult with stays ranging from 1, 3 or 6 months at varying times of the year.

Summer Hosting

Whats involved? how does it work?

School term Hosting

Host for a school term or full year

Work Placement Hosting

Students gaining work experiance
Spanish for Adults
This course is suitable for people who wish to communicate more effectively be it for holidays, work or study. Giving a good understanding of the language with an emphasis on dialogue & conversation along with reading and writing.
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Spanish Junior & Leaving Cert
Our approach to the Leaving and Junior Cert exams at all levels is about being positive and proactive but also enjoyable; and as a result achieving that success is easier and more relevant to each students needs.
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Diploma in Spanish
The DELE offers the only internationally accredited official title certificate As a preparation academy for the a DELE Diploma our students can avail of a wonderful opportunity to formalise their achievements in the language and gain from the opportunities this may present.
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