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“Hosting with Leir was a great experience for both us and our children, the interaction was great for us all. I can’t say enough positive things about the experience”
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"We hosted students from other organisations in the past, but by far, Leir were so much better, very professional, really personal, approachable and they kept in touch, which was nice"
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Host Family hosting programs

As we offer a wide range of student language experience programs, it is always advisable for each host family to be familiar with these and the different requirements. Sometimes it’s only permissible to host a single student, and other times 3 or 4 may be possible depending on the program. Some programs are only 1-week, while others can be a month or a full year. It is always about what you and your family as hosts feel comfortable with and also what is feasible.

Each of our programs, regardless of its duration or type, has one major thing in common and that is the hosting environment, and this is critical to the success of every experience. To help ensure the best possible success is why we at Leir Education offer full 24/7 support & guidance to each host through the whole process. Our role does not end when your guest arrives as we are always on hand to facilitate anything in any way we can.

Host Family Hosting Summaries

Summary details of hosting for our English class and activities Summer programs:

  • The summer program duration can be two or three weeks.
  • Your guest normally would be part of a school group and we would always try to have them in the same locality or within walking distance of each other.
  • He or she will be attending our English classes, in either our Language Academy or our summer school depending on the program and location. 
  • You would normally be required to bring your student to and from the school or camp. (In estates or similar, car-pooling is always a great idea)
  • Give your guest a packed lunch for school and trips etc. as you would one of your own.
  • The golden rule is simple….. treat and take care of your guest as you would one of your own children.

Total Immersion summer program:

  • The programme duration is normally three or four weeks.
  • Your guest will be an individual or maybe travelling with other friends from the same area, school or town.
  • He or she will not be attending English classes at our Language Academy, they will however attend selected local ‘Summer Camps’
  • You would normally be required to bring your guest to and from summer camp. Again carpooling is always a good idea.
  • Give your guest a packed lunch for camp and trips.
  • You would normally be required to bring your student to and from our prearranged meeting points for excursions or trips. Again carpooling is always a great idea.

Summary details of hosting for our School term programs:

  • Your guest would attend a local pre-approved school or collage
  • Program duration is for one or more school terms or possibly a full academic year.
  • Your guest will be an individual and may have friends here from the same area or town.
  • You would normally be required to bring your guest to and from school or by another method as agreed, for example, a school bus
  • Give your guest a packed lunch etc.
  • Your guest may or may not be attending our Academy for additional English classes.
  • Your guest may return home for Mid-term, Christmas or Easter holidays.
  • School terms:
    • September to December
    • January – April
    • April – June
  • Academic Year:
    • September – June

Summary details of hosting for our Work Placement or Erasmus+ student:

  • Your guest, as part of their studies, has chosen Ireland to complete their work experience.
  • Their work placement can be anything from Nursing or Childcare to I.T. or Administration for example. We will as much as possible try to accommodate the students as close to their workplace as possible.
  • The program duration can range from 30 to 90 days depending upon the requirements of the course.
  • More than one student is permitted per host family, however, each must have their own private bedroom.
  • The age range is from 16 up to adult, so they would generally have more independence than our Junior students, although it is wirth noting that if under 18 they are legally minors.
  • They would be responsible for getting to and from their place of work.
  • Your guest may or may not be attending our Academy for additional English classes.
  • They may or may not have cultural excursions during the weekends.
  • This program is run all year round.

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Becoming a Leir 'Host Family' can be a very rewarding experiences. So why not complete your application now!
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