Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly, Managing director con Estudiantes
Peter Donnelly

Originally from Dublin but living in Kildare for over twenty years Peter is the Managing Director of Leir Education Ltd and principal with the academic area of the organisation Leir Language Academy where the main language focus is English and Spanish. Peter’s main responsibility is the overall management of the Language Academy, the team and the Company in its entirety.

As the Academy principal, Peter is very much ‘Hands-On’, he likes to communicate directly as much as possible will all students, parents, schools, host families and partners believing 100% in the Leir concept and its personal approach, he oversees the smallest of details, for Peter, it’s the detail that “makes the picture”.

Peter founded Leir Education with wife Rosa in 2013, and with the Academy opening in 2016 together they have built a strong organisation on the firm foundations and belief of the personal touch, communication, learning, fun, experience and enthusiasm but most of all it’s the engagement with staff, students, parents and family that makes all the difference it’s the sense of unity which really drives the engine of Leir.

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